Turn trapped information into insights and outcomes

Harness the power of knowledge management, intelligent automation, and predictive analytics with the DataRig and DeepSee's suite of smart apps designed specifically for line-of-business users.

Smart apps for smarter automation and assistance

DeepSee's suite of purpose-built applications and library of pre-configured, composable templates were designed to help knowledge workers solve specific, high-value business problems.

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Digital Review

Digital Review

Automation for orders, trades, and payments.

Document-based business transactions present organizations with significant back-office challenges thanks to the high levels of manual work involved – from the moment documents arrive, to their actual data processing, to their systems of record, such as ERP and accounting systems.

As volume increases, so does staffing and cost. A series of manual tasks hold up the process, from reviewing inbound documents, to locating required data fields, to performing 2 and 3-way matching processes, to onward data entry practices. The operation is not scalable. Until now. With DeepSee Digital Review, we do the heavy lifting for you.

Without DeepSee

  • Multiple manual tasks
  • Manual document processing and data entry
  • Manual comparison and reconciliation
  • High staffing costs
  • Cost center

With DeepSee

  • Human-in-the-loop automation
  • AI-powered straight-through processing (STP)
  • Automated validation and approvals
  • Streamlined operations
  • Value added
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Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Decision-making at the point of engagement.

Are you ready to transform manual and complex customer onboarding processes into frictionless, fast, compliant operations? We help organizations find the balance between compliance and customer experience by connecting, automating, and scaling the end-to-end customer acquisition, onboarding, and compliance process.

Financial institutions, ranging from insurance, to banking, to investment management firms, not only benefit from reduced operating costs but gain competitive advantage through a digital-first, AI-native sales operation designed to delight customers, close deals, and maximize revenue opportunities – right at the point of customer engagement.

Without DeepSee

  • Multiple processing
  • In-branch processes
  • Not user intuitive
  • Lengthy compliance
  • Approval delays

With DeepSee

  • Automated assessments
  • Online experiences
  • Easy to use
  • Instant identify verification
  • Real-time decisions
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Email Attendant

Email Attendant

Predictive communications analytics, routing, and monitoring.

From customer interactions to trades and work item resolution, teams across every part of the organize rely on effective communication. But, disorganized and difficult to control, communications plague organizations with a plethora of inefficiencies, errors, and unnecessary risk.

Equipped with numerous tools and features, Email Attendant helps organizations map, monitor, analyze, and optimize their communications – reducing cost and eliminating risk, in real-time.

Without DeepSee

  • Bad or duplicative emails
  • Redundant analyses
  • Poor customer experience
  • Incalculable risk
  • Missed opportunities

With DeepSee

  • Comprehensive comms mapping
  • Automated insights
  • CX-based inbox controls
  • Predictive monitoring & cost analysis
  • Enriched interactions

Explore the benefits


  • Cloud-Native

    Nothing to install or maintain. Easily onboard new business processes.
  • Usability

    No user training, technical experience, or code required.
  • Scalability

    Greater coverage for higher-value business processes.
  • Resiliency

    No more brittle bots, achieve resiliency across your data.
  • Human-Centric AI

    Don’t just keep humans in the loop, put them in control.
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

    Specialization in the highest GRC standards.
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DeepSee named a 2021 Cool Vendor by Gartner

DeepSee was recognized as a “Cool Vendor” in the Gartner industry report on Conversational and Natural Language Technologies. The Gartner report recognizes just five companies for interesting, new, and innovative products and services.

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