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Get visibility across core information channels and prioritize automation opportunities

Designed to solve end-to-end business problems with specialized GenAI applications

Our flagship app, DeepRecon, supports the training and deployment of domain-specific models on top of private data sets to automate their complex workflows. The DeepSee Application platform gives business users direct access and leverage to test, train, and deploy these models into their deepest knowledge networks to respond conversationally, automatically, while deriving exact answers from unstructured data. With industry-specific, proprietary GenAI technology, we are delivering “specialized AI” outcomes for highly regulated enterprises drowning in complex data.

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Reduce Cost

Automate manual processes and increase efficiencies.

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Mitigate Risk

Eliminate errors and improve transparency and data security.

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Increase Revenue

Unlock valuable insights and revenue-generating opportunities.

DeepRecon Overview

Mine information channels. Identify noise that negatively impacts processes and prioritize automation opportunities based on impact.

DeepGPT Overview

Ask complex questions of your unstructured content and processes to get the right answers, at the right time.

DeepPilot Overview

Automate complex use cases. Users start with solution templates and configure or add details to fit their exact requirements.

A future-proof tomorrow begins with better insights today

Automate your most critical business processes while transforming trapped data into insights and opportunities that drive better business outcomes.

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  • Smart Applications
    Smart Applications for Business Users

    No-code interface and pre-configured business process modeling studio empower citizen developers to leverage human-centric AI across numerous documents, systems, and communications.

  • AI Powered
    AI-Powered Automation Engine

    Content extraction, data classification, predictive labeling, and small data learning automate process validation across high-complexity, high-value use cases, even when training data is limited.

  • Data Rig Small
    Enterprise-Grade Platform

    Cloud-agnostic deployment, global availability, and continuous monitoring provide maximum performance and resiliency while adhering to the most rigorous data security standards.

  • 55%
    Cost Savings

    Average decrease in resources needed to perform checks

  • 30X
    Time Reduction

    Reduce manual work and empower employees to focus on new opportunities

  • 97+%
    Model Accuracy

    Active learning and no-code knowledge capture automatically improves models

SOC 2 Type II Certified

DeepSee is committed to security and compliance. We regularly audit business-critical data and processes to ensure the highest standards.

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Put knowledge to work with Knowledge Process Automation.


DeepSee named a 2021 Cool Vendor by Gartner

DeepSee was recognized as a “Cool Vendor” in the Gartner industry report on Conversational and Natural Language Technologies. The Gartner report recognizes just five companies for interesting, new, and innovative products and services.