Knowledge Process Automation

Solve higher order, higher value business problems–automatically.

Knowledge Process Automation (KPA) utilizes human-centric AI to automate complex, knowledge-driven processes, helping line-of-business users in highly regulated industries work smarter.

Existing automation solutions fail to scale to the front office

Existing automation technologies are great at automating numeric-driven, rule-based functions with linear workflows, but fail to scale to the front office. As content and business processes become more complex an entirely different set of capabilities is required.

That’s where Knowledge Process Automation comes in.

What is Knowledge Process Automation (KPA)?

Knowledge Process Automation (KPA) is a digital transformation solution that extracts trapped data, organizes business knowledge, and automates workflows to help organizations make smarter decisions, faster.

Using human-centric AI to augment revenue operations, KPA combines a suite of technologies that enables knowledge workers to streamline language-based, decision-driven business processes with complex workflows, without ever losing control of the process.

Uplevel your operations

Unlike automation restricted to simple and repetitive rule-only processes, KPA uses language intelligence to power an entirely new class of higher order process-specific applications.

Focused on front-office revenue generation, not back-office cost reduction, the KPA platform signals a step change in driving strategic, growth-led, digital transformation.

Knowledge Process Automation encompasses three core capabilities that are essential to digital transformation.

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    Knowledge Discovery

    Transform trapped information and organizational intelligence into operational knowledge. Create, share, manage, and leverage insights and learnings across the organization to increase efficiencies and create greater resilience.

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    Intelligent Automation

    Augment and automate complex, high-value processes, end-to-end. DeepSee's intelligent automation solution keeps knowledge workers in the driver seat with human-centric AI that automatically improves models and supports teams.

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    Decision Intelligence

    Find answers to questions you didn't know to ask with end-to-end visibility into all of your operations. Unlock knowledge-driven insights and opportunities across the enterprise to reduce cost, mitigate risk, and increase revenue.

Say goodbye to broken bots

Other automation solutions sit atop legacy systems and scrape UI data, resulting in brittle and inflexible bots that fail to scale. These technologies are difficult to onboard and often require lengthy training and ongoing maintenance.

  • Difficult to implement.
  • Lengthy time to value.
  • Limited process coverage.
  • Ongoing maintenance costs.

Put knowledge to work

Create and empower knowledge workers with KPA

Knowledge Process Automation (KPA) offers a range of smart, AI-assisted workflow tools to augment everyday knowledge worker capabilities, such as analyzing contract risk in legal, responding to requests for proposals in sales, and onboarding customers in real-time at the point of engagement.

Powered by KPA, knowledge workers can achieve more, in less time – significantly boosting an organization’s resources and capacity, transforming revenue operations, and fueling smarter and faster revenue generation.

No-code, cloud-agnostic, enterprise-grade

Powered by KPA, the DeepSee DataRig is the first and only AI platform built to augment high-value knowledge worker processes and decisions.

The DataRig reduces time-to-value, minimizes maintenance overhead and scales—from back office to front office—helping organizations in regulated industries unlock savings, mitigate risk, and increase wallet share.

  • Designed specifically to give business users full control, with no code or training required.
  • Pre-configured, composable templates shorten time to value and drive outcomes across numerous use cases.
  • Extensive business process coverage supports revenue generation.
  • Automated maintenance minimizes operational costs and improves resiliency over time.

Unlock savings and mitigate risk with KPA.