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Reconciliation for a wide range of industries. Request a Demo today to learn how DeepSee is shaping the future of the AI-powered enterprise.

Reconciliation for a wide range of industries. Request a Demo today to learn how DeepSee is shaping the future of the AI-powered enterprise.

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AI-Powered transformation to address diverse market challenges.

For enterprises across every major business sector, driving strong performance isn’t just about tracking KPIs. Today, competitive advantage is fueled by understanding trends, predictions, and outliers. DeepSee’s cloud-based platform extracts, processes, and transforms untapped data into these key competitive insights in real time – eliminating complexities between analysis and action.

Any technology must be able to address how it will directly impact a reduce in costs, mitigation of ongoing and unforeseen risks, while improving customer and partner satisfaction.

deepsee-markets-icon Capital Markets

Automate the complex and bespoke post-trade processing and reconciliations to reduce operational risk, improve straight-through processing rates, and deliver meaningful insights from unstructured data to the appropriate platforms downstream.

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deepsee-Insurance-icon Insurance

Automate the oversight and auditing functions to gain predictive insights for outcome-based decisions across claims management, middle office, and agent audits.

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deepsee-public-sector-icon Public Sector

Automate and accelerate the digitization of dense unstructured data, identify patterns, and provide insight to support risk assessment and early fraud detection.

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deepsee-markets-icon Capital Markets

Classify, validate, and extract unstructured data types for digitization, labeling, model review and analysis.

Post-Trade Processing and Reconciliation

Automate the post-trade operational risk analysis process through real-time reconciliation of dense documents and unstructured data, giving our users insights into previously unknown trends and patterns that reduce expense, mitigate risk, and improve customer satisfaction.

Documentation Management

Automate template maintenance and data analysis to support document governance, identify and escalate process issues, use insights to recommend process improvements and develop/manage controls to mitigate risk of

Wholesale Payments/Settlements

Ensure that settlement instructions and amounts match, detect fraud when historical settlement practices change and identify those counter-parties that are more likely to change settlement instructions and thus require additional controls to ensure accuracy.

IBOR Transition

Automate the IBOR-review process by identifying and analyzing IBOR-related terms in dense legal documents and deliver actionable insights from the unstructured data to risk manage down your IBOR book, especially “tough legacy” contracts.

KYC & Client Onboarding

Streamline and automate external data gathering, eliminate unnecessary manual checks and repetitive regulatory documentation requests, create a full audit trail of your external research processes, and deliver insights to the appropriate internal groups for better decision-making in a timely manner.

Index Management

Digitize unstructured and third-party data, quickly answer in-depth questions required to create complex products, and deliver actionable insights throughout an index’s lifecycle.

deepsee-Insurance-icon Insurance

Codify “organizational knowledge” via subject matter expertise automation with easily implemented templates, rules, and logic.

Fraud detection

Find anomalies or outliers in various data sets, predict potential frauds before they turn into an actual incident, and deliver insights to anti-fraud departments for use in their investigations.

Claims prediction and processing

Enable more accurate claims processing through extracting and digitizing the relevant data, verifying the data against various rejection rules, predicting whether a claim should be allowed or rejected under the relevant policies, and providing a platform for claims specialists to reconcile any rejected or otherwise flagged claims.

Agent audits

Process large amounts of unstructured data to help auditors identify patterns and trends, highlight unusual transactions for further investigation, and provide insights to support risk assessment.

Risk analysis

Perform a rolling review of a large number of news articles and social media sources to analyze key factors underlying new potential risks, identify trending topics, sectors, and companies associated with these risks; and deliver insights regarding the underlying impacts if the risks were to develop adversely.

deepsee-public-sector-icon Public Sector

Train, visualize, and tune AI-derived insights for deeper understanding of your business processes. Enables executives to turn raw information into actionable knowledge.

Adjudication of benefits or rights

Assist federal agency reviewers to more efficiently analyze the information submitted against the information required to obtain benefits or rights under various programs and deliver insights as to whether the improper adjudications of benefits or rights were due to manual processing errors or caused by problems with the format of electronic data submissions.

Fraud and risk management

Identify fraudulent claims by validating data from multiple sources, highlight suspicious transactions and emerging trends so that agencies can act before significant damage has occurred, and translate insight into action so that once fraud is detected, agencies can develop, test, and refine scalable and cost-efficient interventions.


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