Exciting News: Launches AI-Powered Application on Microsoft Azure Marketplace


We are thrilled to announce that our flagship app, DeepRecon, is now officially available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace!

At, our vision is clear: to deliver production AI to enterprise customers, ensuring they can harness the power of artificial intelligence while meeting stringent compliance and regulatory demands. This vision drives everything we build, and it’s reflected in our daily conversations with customers who are navigating the complexities of leveraging AI in their work environments.

Production AI vs. DIY AI

The race for AI adoption continues to accelerate. Gone are the days when “Do-It-Yourself” toolkits and homegrown projects could support the dynamic and complex needs of regulated enterprises. Today, the conversation has shifted from “what model are you using” to “what problem are you solving.” We firmly believe that the future lies in purpose-built applications, enriched by proprietary data sets and meticulously mapped to domain-specific business processes. This approach represents the gold standard for how regulated businesses will adopt AI and operate – now, and into the future.

Harnessing the Power of Microsoft Azure

By leveraging the robust capabilities of Microsoft Azure, we are delivering AI-powered applications to our customers faster, better, and safer than ever before. Legacy processes in regulated enterprises are ripe for transformation, and in environments where precision is paramount, it is essential to have a platform that is resilient and adaptable to the evolving needs of customers and regulators.

Un-Complicating AI Adoption for Regulated Enterprises is dedicated to simplifying the way regulated enterprises adopt AI. Our deployment on Microsoft Azure marks a critical milestone in our mission to support our customers on this transformative journey. With DeepRecon now available in the Azure Marketplace, we are making it easier for enterprises to access the solutions they need to drive innovation and achieve their business objectives.

We invite you to explore DeepRecon on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and join us in pioneering the future of AI in regulated enterprises. Together, we can solve real-world problems with precision.

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– The Team