Knowledge-Driven Automation for Banking and Financial Services

Improve efficiencies in data management processes across the organization, from reconciliation to data quality. The DeepSee DataRig handles data at scale, without compromising on governance.

Augment and automate your data operations

Straight Through Processing

From post-trade processing to standard settlement instructions (SSI) and other payments, eliminate manual data entry, auto-compare data sources, and auto-approve transactions with ease.

Account Opening

Automate account opening and perform identity verification in real-time. Process different document types instantly, such as driver licenses, passports, and utility bills, and ensure account opening is a quick and seamless process.

Mortgage Lending

Streamline mortgage document processing from days and weeks to a matter of minutes. Go digital and meet customers where they are – collect, process, and validate submission data as a cloud-based online service.

New Submission Intake

Automate the inbound processing of new business submissions and transform multiple different documents into decision-ready data. From emails, to statement of values, to loss run reports, we’ve got you covered.

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Improved efficiency

Simplify complex processes with knowledge-driven automation.

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Greater accuracy

Automated, no-code model tuning improves accuracy with every interaction.

Reduced cost

Save processing time and eliminate costly errors.

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Increased revenue

Identify new opportunities and empower teams to focus on them.

Tier 1 Bank Results

  • 30X
    Time Reduction

    Average handling time decreased to 2-3 minutes.

  • 10X

    Average daily transaction throughput increased tenfold.

  • 80%
    Faster Turn

    Average review time period decreased from T+30 days to T+5 days.

We’re very excited about the rollout of the DeepSee platform in the bank. While large scale trading has historically faced limitations using interconnected systems prone to latency and human error. DeepSee now allows us to analyze and process functions in minutes where it used to take hours.

Tier 1 Bank

Experience the benefits of DeepSee's AI-powered automation and business insights today.


DeepSee named a 2021 Cool Vendor by Gartner

DeepSee was recognized as a “Cool Vendor” in the Gartner industry report on Conversational and Natural Language Technologies. The Gartner report recognizes just five companies for interesting, new, and innovative products and services.