Harnessing human and 
AI-powered insights.

Harnessing human and
AI-powered insights.


Knowledge Process Automation (KPA) mines unstructured data, operationalizes AI-powered insights, and automates results into real-time action for the enterprise. KPA is designed to automate line-of-business problems leveraging the very latest innovations in semantic modeling and natural language processing while solving the deployment, scalability, and availability issues that plague most robotic AI investments.


Robotic decisions can be bad for business.

Robotic AI has been transforming the way decisions are made – leaving things like strategy and insights to the machines. But by eliminating the human element, the average knowledge worker ends up relying on bots to mimic human behavior, leading to lackluster results without consideration for higher-order business outcomes. Bots are simply moving blocks of data from point A to point B – without much insight, care, or context.


Complexity is destroying enterprise productivity.

The majority of today’s bot capabilities are centered around low-value, low-tech ‘task automation’ workflows that lack deeper contextual insights and sophisticated machine learning models to scale automation across highly regulated industries like Capital Markets and Insurance verticals. In a world where business conditions are constantly changing, hard-coded automation doesn’t work.


Putting the power of AI back into human hands.

We’re addressing these problems head-on. Knowledge Process Automation (KPA) works in tandem with knowledge workers, leveraging robust AI to correlate data to gain useable insights to help solve pressing business problems. We offer AI-powered solutions to serve the people – the knowledge workers, subject-matter experts, business analysts, data wranglers, operations teams, and Line of Business (LoB) executives – to deliver tangible business outcomes.

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Knowledge Process Automation: Human and AI-Powered Insight.

Knowledge Process Automation (KPA) will change the way we work with AI, moving from brittle automation to better business outcomes. In a world where enterprises are swimming in data, but very little insight, DeepSee is putting deep knowledge and the power of AI back into human hands. The results: reduced costs, mitigated risks, and increased customer satisfaction.

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