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Certificate of Analysis

Before key ingredients can be included in the manufacturing process, they must undergo rigorous testing to meet specific regulations. These test results are captured in a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that proves the regulated product meets the necessary quality standards and product specification. Sharing and validating COA documentation is a manual and time-intensive process that creates operational inefficiency and poses risk to CPG companies. But not any longer.

With DeepSee, CPG companies can automatically validate numerous, multilingual and multi-page documents in parallel, regardless of file type and format. Warnings and exceptions are flagged for review by subject matter experts who can easily access the source documentation to easily identify and resolve the issue.

Delivery Notes

Up to 90% of delivery notes are captured and delivered as paper. Digitizing this antiquated and manual method streamlines the inventory management process by automatically updating the system of record and increasing efficiencies from production and quality assurance to warehousing and shipping.

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Shorter production time

Streamline multi-step processes with knowledge-driven automation.

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Improved accuracy

No-code model tuning automatically improves accuracy with each interaction.

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Increased productivity

Automate manual work, improve efficiency, and avoid costly errors.

Consumer Packaged Goods Results

  • 98.2%
    Term Extraction Accuracy

    Average accuracy rate for terms extracted from thousands of fields and hundreds of documents.

  • 99.5%
    Classification Accuracy

    Accuracy of model when classifying numerous document types for Certificate of Analysis use case.

  • 100%
    Raw Material Accuracy

    Perfect recognition of raw materials across hundreds of documents in multiple languages.

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