True digital transformation starts with BusinessAI.

True digital transformation starts with BusinessAI.

Reduce cost. Mitigate risk. Increase customer satisfaction.

Unlocking and analyzing data in real-time is the heart of digital transformation. Businesses can put their data to work to improve customer experiences, streamline business processes, and quickly launch new products and services. The BusinessAI approach uses AI to collect and understand structured and unstructured data across multiple data sources, then automates data workflows for low code, fast results, and flexible, open frameworks for analysis.


Too much data, not enough time: information is the enemy of knowledge.

While AI promises considerable economic benefits in helping make sense of all of our data, it has been slow to gain broad traction with business stakeholders. Why? The perceived complexity of connecting advanced AI systems to traditional applications and analog business practices is holding many organizations back.


Humans are…human.

For many years, businesses have relied on the slow, expensive,
and error-prone process of human interaction to glean information and insight from this unstructured data. While the evolution of AI has fundamentally changed that paradigm, data science is still typically left to the PhDs. The answers line of business leaders need, are still locked down, dependent on availability of data science teams, algorithms, and time…often taking weeks or months instead of minutes or hours.

BusinessAI will change all of that. Forever.


AI moves at the speed of business.

BusinessAI uses a combination of proprietary and open-source natural language processing and machine learning techniques to execute and automate many of the time-intensive tasks and workflows currently handled manually by data science and IT departments. By focusing on the business user instead of complex data science models, BusinessAI is finally operationalizing AI-powered automation for the enterprise. Now you can deliver on the promise of instant, usable insight from unstructured data, giving your teams flexibility to use existing tools and infrastructure, at the speed of business.

Harness the power of BusinessAI to fundamentally change the way you work.


Moving Beyond the Hype: Implementing AI to Solve Real-World Business Problems.

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